Sponsors & CRO's
Participation in local area health fairs and educational seminars
Comprehensive mentoring and continuing education programs to assist with on-site clinical research training
Comprehensive SOPs
GCP trained investigators
FAA certified staff for the shipment of hazardous materials
CLIA certified laboratory
Provider Performed Microscopy Procedures
Clinic staff certified in smoking cessation counseling
Community involvement includes providing hands-on training to students participating in medical assisting externship programs through local colleges and universities.
CPR certified staff
OSHA Compliant
HIPAA trained staff in research guidelines compliant with all applicable HIPAA mandated requirements
Innovation Medical Research center (IMRC) recognizes that successful clinical research depends on strong recruitment and retention of participants. IMRC utilizes a variety of recruitment and enrollment strategies to ensure this progress.
In addition to recruiting patients through our affiliated private practices, IMRC maintains a research-only patient database, resulting in an aggregate database of over 50,000 potential subjects.
Our research-only database contains subjects who have participated in IMRC trials previously or who have been screened, but did not qualify for participation. As individuals inquire about trials they are also added to the database.
IMRC has a full-time recruitment staff dedicated to make certain that prospective patients are thoroughly screened by telephone prior to their office visit to help reduce screening failures. This staff is determined to make certain IMRC meets or exceeds contracted enrollment on all trials it conducts.
Advertising campaigns, when necessary, are customized specifically for each target subject population and include: newspaper, television (local & cable), radio, flyers, health fairs, direct mailings, newsletters, promotional items, posters, and billboards.
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
Back-Up Power System
Diagnostic Bladder Ultrasound
Dry Ice made on site
Doppler Ultrasound
Fully Stocked Crash Cart
Limited-Access Drug Storage
Narcotics Safe
Refrigerated Drug Storage
Transrectal Ultrasound
12 Lead EKG
-20° Freezer
-70° Freezer
Refrigerated centrifuge
Alarm system

Monitor area with phone, fax, copier, shredder and dedicated computer lines
Standardized and locked regulatory files
On-site overnight facility
On-site short-term storage facility
Off-site long-term storage facility
Initial regulatory packets completed within 48 hours of receipt
Contract/Budget negotiations completed within 48 hours of receipt
Computerized study management tracking system
Comfortable waiting room with snack bar
Capability to perform clinical trials using Schedule 1 drugs
Research study verification program available on site (RSVP)